8CLE-65E (Eaton HLE & CLE Fuses)


8CLE-65E (Eaton HLE & CLE Fuses)

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Fuse Type Eaton HLE & CLE Fuses
Fuse Type CLE
Part Number 8CLE-65E
Style Number 5981C17G06, 1318728, 449D635G04, 5980C24G04, 5980C85G06, 677C573G04, 726C973A04
Bussman JCZ-65E
Littelfuse 8NLE65E
Availability Stocking Item
Barrels 1
Diameter 3
Clip Center Inches 14
Length Inches 17.9
Data Sheet 3-13,14 (pdf)
Non Disconnect Glass Mounting 8CLE-GNM-D
Disconnect Glass Mounting 8CLE-GDM-D
Non Disconnect Live Parts CLE-NL-D
Disconnect Live Parts CLE-DL-D
End Fittings CLE-DF-D
Minimum Melt Curve 18323 (pdf)
Clearing Time 18688 (pdf)
Peak Let Thru 19054 (pdf)
Manufacturer Eaton
Product Description

Medium/High Voltage fuses that are a part of the Eaton Electrical product line may also be labeled under the brand names of Cutler Hammer, Westinghouse. We are Eaton’s UL Listed Late Point Definition Center located in Tulsa, OK.

We can convert Eaton Medium/High Voltage fuses into multiple configurations to meet quick ship requirements while maintaining the UL listings and component recognition.

We stock an extensive inventory of Eaton Make to Order Fuses in our 40,000 square foot shop.

Need a custom indoor or outdoor fuse mounting or set of live parts to go with your medium/high voltage fuse? We can accommodate these requests from stock and build them the same day.

Let our trained staff assist you with:

  • Factory Warranty (NO SURPLUS) and insured products.
  • 24 hour emergency fuse service – same-day Jet Charters available.
  • Quick turn around with on-line and call-in quotes.
  • For immediate technical support call 800.739.9145 or 918.665.6888
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