Eaton DBU Fuses

Eaton’s DBU Power Fuses are boric acid, expulsion-style fuse units suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. They offer effective protection for electric utility and industrial distribution systems and are designed for use on transformers, feeders, and switchgear. Ideal for higher voltage (up to 38 kV) and high current applications (up to 200A). They are low initial cost alternatives to refillable Boric Acid fuses. The DBU fuses are totally interchangeable with S&C SMU-20 style fuses.


  • Wide range of continuous current ratings and time-current characteristics allow close fusing, maximizing protection and overall coordination. Speeds include K, E, and Slow Speed E.
  • Pure silver used for the elements provides the best temperature characteristics.
  • Replacement/interchangeability with most brands offers superior flexibility.
  • Time current characteristics have a gradual slope, making it easier to coordinate with downstream equipment.
  • For Use Indoor/Outdoor.
  • Alternative to S&C SMU-20 brand.


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