Eaton CLPT Fuses

Eaton’s CLPT and NCLPT general purpose fuses are capable of interrupting all currents from the rated interrupting current down to the current that causes melting of the fusible element in no less than one hour. They are applied wherever it is necessary to limit the short-circuit currents on high capacity systems, typically in conjunction with potential and control power transformers. Available in voltage ratings of 2.4, 5.08, 7.2, 15.5, 25.8, and 38.0 kV.


  • Pure silver used for the elements provides the best temperature characteristics.
  • Blown fuse indication is available where a striker pin protrudes from top of the fuse to provide visual identification of operation as well as operates as a triggering means for external devices.
  • Static unit design offers silent operation and elimination of flame discharges when the fuse operates.
  • Special coatings on high voltages to eliminate interference with transformers.


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